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This page has been created to include the autism community around the world. We will feature those diagnosed with autism along with awareness campaigners that are well known in the world of autism.


Anna Kennedy   OBE         



  Anna Kennedy has two sons with autism. She works for Autism Services for which she is director and co founder. She has now opened two schools for children with autism. Anna has also written a book 'Not Stupid' about her path to opening the first school. Her website is full of information.

During 2012 Anna orgainsed an 'Autism's got talent' show in London and has plans for another show in 2013.

Anna is a friend on our facebook page where she shares a lot of information.


Lives in the UK.



Dr Wendy Lawson          

BSS. Bsw(Hons)GDip(PsychStud)GDip(Psych)PhD(MAPS)




Wendy has autistic spectrum disorder. However, Wendy has graduated over time, from being a child considered to be intellectually disabled and 'almost incapable of doing as she is told' (as one school report stated) to a mum of four children with five university degrees.

Wendy now operates her own business and travels the world speaking about autism.

As well as running training programs for those wanting to understand autism better, Wendy is a poet and a writer who possesses a passion for words.

 Lives in Australia.




Prof Tony Attwood

Well known for sharing his knowledge of Aspergers Syndrome. Prof Tony Attwood has an Honours degree in Psychology, Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD from the University of London.

He is currently an Associate Professor at Griffith University in Queensland. He has written several publications on Aspergers Syndrome.

He operates his clinics two days a week and supports children and adults by visiting them at home and school.




Originally from London, he emigrated to New Zealand and now resides in Brisbane Australia.



Temple Grandin



Dr Grandin didn't talk until she was three and a half years old. She was diagnosed in the 1950's and her parents were told she should be institutionalised. However, she has become a prominent author and speaker on the subject of autism.

Dr Grandin also developed her talents into a successful career as a livestock-handling equipment designer.

Her life has been brought to the screen in a movie titled 'Temple Grandin'. She presently works as Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. She also speaks around the world on autism and cattle handling.


Lives in the USA.



Carly Fleischmann



Carly is autistic and unable to speak verbally. She was given a laptop and discovered she could communicate with it.

Her story was shown on ABC news, CNN and CTV in Canada.

Carly has a twin sister who is not autistic.

Lives in Canada.



Kevin Healey




 Kevin has been campaigning for autism rights for 10 years, he has a twin and they are both diagnosed with autism.

In 2001 Kevin founded the North Staffordshire Asperger & Asperger Society (NSAAA) then founded the Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS) in May 2007.

He has campaigned for better services and support and has won various awards over the last decade. His autobiography 'Twin Brothers Worlds Apart' was published with all proceeds going to charity.

Kevin is a councillor for the largest autism charity in the uk, the National Autistic Society.

He also launched autism radio in the UK in September 2010, the first in the world. In 2012 he attended the garden party at Buckingham palace, carried the Olympic torch and his charity has been recognised in the honours.


 Lives in the UK.



Eileen Miller & Kim Miller


Eileen's daughter Kim was unable to verbalise her experiences or emotions, until she began to communicate in art.

Eileen has written two books the first 'The girl who spoke with pictures' tells Kim's story

Live in USA



Stephen Wiltshire



Stephen is a British architectural artist of West Indian origin, who was diagnosed with autism.

He has the ability to draw from memory a landscape after seeing it just once. He studied Fine Art at City and Guilds Art College.

His work is now popular all over the world and is held in a number of important collections.


 Lives in the UK.



Adam Feinstein



 Adam is the editor of awares and autism connect  both run by Autism Cymru Wale's national charity and also International Autism Newsletter

His latest book is 'A History of Autism: Conversations with pioneers in UK & USA'

He runs the annual international online autism conference, the largest of its kind.



 Lives in UK.






Megan Hammond


    Megan has aspergers, she has written a book 'My life with Aspergers' and travels around Australia giving talks and promoting awareness.




 You can find Megan on facebook.


  Lives in Australia.



Polly Tommey


    Polly is the mother of an autistic son. She is the editor in chief of Autism File magazine, Founder of the Autism Trust,  Director of the Autism Media Channel.

With her husband Jonathon they have published a book 'Autism, a practical guide to improving your child's quality of life'.

With the autism charity the aim is to create a future with purpose for children and adults everywhere with autism. The aim in doing this is by innovative high quality environments: Centres of Excellence in Autism.



  Lives in UK


Bella Tommey



 Bella is pictued with her brother Billy who is autistic, their mother is Polly.

Bella has had her own campaign about proving that by giving 'Autism a chance', those that suffer with it can put something back into society and work to support themselves and their family.

Her campaign was a huge success, she attracted 1'000's of supporters including David Cameron, Sarah Brown, Pixie Lott, Kate Winslett, Johnny Vaughn and Kate Nash.

Bella opened a unique pop-up cafe, called 'Billys cafe' in London which was staffed by young autistic adults. For the opening she was helped by celebrity mentors Scott Mills and tv chef Gizzi Erskine. Bella ia a presenter for sky's Autism File.

 lives in UK.



Leo Gregory



Leo Gregory was diagnosed in the early 1990's. She is the author of a series of books, co founder of ANCA Consulting Inc. and ANCA Foundation. She has been working as a consultant, educator and speaker about the autistic paradigm since 1995.




Lives in Vancouver, British Columbia



Tina Curno-Fougere



Tina is a mother of an autistic son, President and Founder of the Canadian National Autism Foundation, an autism crisis case worker and support facilitator.







Lives in Vancouver Canada.



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