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The majority of our volunteers are parents that came to Indigo Kids in a time of need either due to issues with schools or problems with coping in particular situations.

Our parent base are those looking for somewhere for their children to be allowed to 'fit in' and to find somewhere they can relax and talk to other parents in the same situation.

Sharon Paylor mum

I Sharon Paylor think Indigo kids is a valuable place to the community. I do not know what I would have done without there help when my son Callum who has A.D.H.D got permanently excluded from school they helped me get the decision overturned. Sarah came to all the meetings with me and Callum. They helped me get my son a statement as I wouldn't know where to start with the statement. Thank you so much Indigo Kids and Sarah Seaton.  

Sally Townsend, mum

As a family who benefit from the services Indigo Kids provide. We wanted to say a big thank you to all involved in yesterdays Beer Festival. Special thank you's go to Sara, Dawn, Peter & Trev for organizing and anyone else I have missed. Also Jackie & Antony who cook the food. The husband said the burgers were fabulous. To all those of you who attended to support our fund raising efforts "Thank you". One special mention should go to a young man who was with his parents at Indigo Kids from 8am yesterday, and without him being so well behaved they couldn't do it. Thank you Neil! From what I saw everyone had a great time.

Sally, Nick, Blair & Owen

lydia & andrew kram, parents

A big thank you to Peter for all your help and support
Lydia & Andrew 

A family peter helped

To Pete,

Just a little note to say thank you for all your support and hard work.

All  the little chats you had with us gave us the strength to get through it. 

I told George that we have you helping us to sort the silly teachers out. The picture is one George did a while ago to say  thank you

Louise, Adam, George, Sam Linda and John xxxx 

Stephen & jill, parents

We wish to express our gratitude in supporting ourselves at our sons tribunal.

We were there united as a front to prove the fact that Macauley needed an assessment to address all of his needs in conjunction with the SEN code of practice chapter 7 paragraph 7.52.
The help that INDIGO gave us was with meaning and substance to understand and to drive forward that a 139a or a note in lieu were not sufficient and not in line with the government guidelines to to en role the professional bodies that were necessary to give the life skills that our son needed.
We can't thank them enough helping us getting the assessment we needed.

Kind Regards

Stephen & Jill
March 2014


Kajaw Madhoush, mum

"Indigo kids I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the support and the family feel you have given me and both of my sons Mijde and Derun. I am blessed to have known you since 2009 especially Sarah Seaton, you literally took the hassle and worry away when you showed the support before and during the process of claiming Mijde’s statement. I knew that you were only at the end of the phone if I was concerned. Your superb efficient and professional work in every meeting you attended with as and your friendliness has been greatly appreciated and has maintained my faith in Indigo kids throughout this case. Thank you so very much, good luck and the warmest wishes for the future".

Kajaw Madhoush March 2014



Sarah Grundey Kids Club Volunteer & Lego Therapy Facilitator


'I have always loved looking after children and the attraction of a teaching career. While I was completing my Psychology degree I took a module which was based on autism. The more I learnt the more I wanted to find out! I sent an email to Sarah Seaton, asking if I could come and volunteer for Indigo Kids. The answer was: yes!
I started to help weekly at the Lego Therapy club and I had so much fun. What I loved the most was the family feel I got when spending time with everyone.
Lego Therapy ended but I couldn't stay away so I returned to help at the Wednesday Kids Club. I still do this now and really enjoy the banter and excitement.
I completed my degree in December 2012 and then began looking for jobs with either children or adults with learning difficulties. I managed to get a position with the Inclusion Department at Ashfield School. I am part of the ASD team and I really love what I am doing. My timetable fully consists of students on the autistic spectrum. I find it really rewarding and also have lots of fun leading our ASD Voice after school club and Lego Club at lunch. 
I am passionate about autistic children and want to do anything I can to support them and make their life as exciting and enjoyable as possible. I love talking about what I do and like to encourage others to come and join in too. I believe this is important because the more people spend time with autistic youngsters, understanding and awareness will increase. There is no way I would be in my current position without Indigo Kids and for that I can't thank Sarah enough for giving me the opportunity to come and join in or the family and friends I have made at Indigo Kids.'

October 2013

Karen, mum

Just to say thank you so much..... we've had a wonderful time at your summer holiday club.
Big thank you to Chris and Helen for making us feel so welcome
Best Wishes
Karen & Sophie xxx 
 August 2013


 I became involved with Indigo Kids, having seen the positive work being undertaken, with the hope that I could assist in Indigo’s development through my own personal skills, knowledge and experience.

Neil (Indigo Kid) & Dawn  volunteer and mum

Neil enjoys coming to Indigo Kids kids club, he particularly likes playing football in the garden and also pool.

The staff are great and always sensitive to the needs of the children and parents.

Dawn McCarthy 

Tina mum

I found Indigo Kids January 2009, after finding an article in the Hucknall Dispatch about a local autism support group. My son was going through a very difficult time and I needed someone to talk to. I found friends and became more involved. My son loves kids club now and has rarely missed any since clubs he started. His sister also attends and mixes with other siblings and children, I believe it has taught her that children with special needs need friends too and she has become a very understanding sister despite being younger than her brother.

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